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Murtasim & Meerub: Skipping to the end

I didn't think I was capable of writing fan fiction but I have had enough. Get the guy to the bed and let him defy the contract. Please Meerub before Haya drinks his blood. So here goes my version of what should be happening right now.

Murtasim & Meerub’s BEDROOM - NIGHT

The room is dimly lit, casting an intimate glow over the entire room. (just yellow light, I need you to imagine this properly). Meerub is sitting on the edge of the bed, lost in her thoughts, while Murtasim is standing near the window, gazing at the moonlit sky.

The silence between them is thick, with high tensions & just lots of feelings. The type of silence that is louder than words, louder than the loudest shriek.

Meerub fidgets with the edge of her dupatta, trying to ease her nerves. The more she fidgets, the more her nerves unsettle.

MEERUB (muttering to herself)

Yeh hota hai pyaar? Agar yeh hota hai pyaar toh mujhe nahi chahiye.

Hearing Meerub, Murtasim turns towards her.


Kya kaha tumne, Meerub?

Meerub is startled by Murtasim's sudden question, realising he overheard her. She looks away, avoiding eye contact. Avoiding. That’s what she’s been doing, avoiding him, avoiding his questions, avoiding everything.

MEERUB Kuch nahi, mainay kya kaha? Mainay toh kuch nahi kaha. Main kab kuch kehti hoon.

Murtasim walks towards Meerub, slowly. Maintaining eye contact and sits down on the bed, facing her.


Meerub, tum jhoot bhool rahi ho. Just speak up for once. Goddamn it.

Meerub remains silent, tears welling up in her eyes.


Meerub, please batao, kya baat hai? Kisi nay kaha kuch?

Meerub finally meets his gaze, her eyes shimmering with emotion. An emotion that wasn’t there before.


Murtasim, main samajh nahi pa rahi... mere dil mein kuch ho raha hai. Laikan…

She trails off, not wanting to reveal her feelings just yet.

MURTASIM (softly)

Meerub, hum dono ne galtiyan ki hain. Main maanta hoon kay humari shadi jaldi ho gayi, aur tumhein manane k liye main ne contract sign kiya. Laikin... maine kabhi nahi socha tha k tum meri zindagi mein itni important ho jao gi.

I know all of this started off on the wrong foot. Magar ab jo yahan hai, yeh hai, hum hai, yeh sab sahi hai.

Meerub looks at Murtasim with a mixture of surprise and hope.


Murtasim, kya tum...?

Murtasim takes a deep breath, gathering courage.


Haan, Meerub. Main tum se pyaar karta hoon. Main tum say bahut pyaar karta hoon. Bahut zyada.

A tear rolls down Meerub's cheek as she absorbs his confession.

MEERUB (whispering)

Murtasim... main bhi tum se...

Murtasim's eyes widen with disbelief and joy.


Kya tum sach keh rahi ho, Meerub?

Meerub nods, a soft smile breaking through her tears.


Haan, Murtasim. Main bhi tum se pyaar karti hoon.

Murtasim is overwhelmed with happiness. He reaches for Meerub's hand but hesitates, remembering the contract.


Laikin, Meerub... humara contract...

Meerub smiles through her tears, her love and determination shining through. She pulls out the contract from the bedside drawer and stares at it for a moment before tearing it into pieces.


Yeh contract humare pyaar k beech mein deewar ban gaya tha, Murtasim. Ab iski koi zaroorat nahi hai.

Murtasim watches her in awe, his love for her growing even stronger.


Meerub, tumne mere liye itna bada faisla liya. Thank you.

Meerub smiles at Murtasim, her heart swelling with newfound love and hope.


Mainay yeh tumharay liye nahi kiya, apnay liye kiya hai.

As they sit together on the bed, their hands slowly reach for each other. Their fingers intertwine, and the warmth of their touch sends a wave of happiness through them.


Meerub, main vaada karta hoon k main humesha tumhari khushi ka khayal rakhun ga. Tum meri zindagi ho, aur main tumhain kabhi dukh nahi ponchaoonga. Main kya. Koi bhi tumhe dukh nahi poncha sakta.


Murtasim, main bhi vaada karti hoon k main humesha tumhare saath rahungi. I promise.

Feeling the sincerity in their promises, Meerub and Murtasim share a tender, heartfelt hug. As they hold each other close, they feel the barriers between them dissolving.

They lean in closer, their foreheads touching as they share a tender moment of love and understanding. The weight of their past struggles and the contract slowly fade away, leaving them to embrace their future together.

Murtasim gently cups Meerub's face, wiping away her tears with his thumbs. He leans in, hesitating for a moment, seeking permission in her eyes. Meerub nods, giving him the go-ahead.


Meerub and Murtasim sit in the garden, enjoying each other's company and the beauty of the day. Their laughter fills the air as they share stories from their past, building a deeper connection. Catching up on all the lost time.


Meerub, tum ne kabhi socha tha kay hum itne khush ho sakte hain?

Meerub smiles, her eyes shining with happiness.


Yes, Socha. Har waqt socha bus bola nahi.

Murtasim takes her hand, laughing.


You know that’s cheating. Never hide anything from me. Please

The sky turns shades of pink and orange, reflecting the warmth and love between Meerub and Murtasim. As they sit together, basking in the beauty of the sunset, they know that this is just the start.

The end. Khudahafiz.


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